The Shelter Foundation helps homeless people according to their individual needs. As the seasons change, the homeless who live hand to mouth are presented with differing challenges.

Business people and individuals who are sensitive to the challenges facing the homeless and who support the Shelter Foundation help us keep costs down. The support of our work by people outside of the foundation is felt by our homeless clients in their everyday lives.

You too can make homeless peoples’ lives better!

How can you help?

  • Donate canned foods and your used but useful items as an individual or as a business.
  • Buy the Fedél Nélkül (“Without a Roof”) magazine from our official distributors or order the Fedél Nélkül magazine.
  • Volunteer to share your professional skills with colleagues.
  • Collect and donate warm clothes, shoes or non-perishable foods at your workplace.
  • Participate and support events organised by the Shelter Foundation.
  • Provide us free advertisement space on your blog / website / web 2.0 space.
  • Use social networking sites to spread the word of the Shelter Foundation by passing on information and inviting friends to events.
  • Volunteer your time to directly help the homeless (basic Hungarian is needed).
  • Invite our volunteers and social workers to your workplace, home or school so they can raise awareness of the Shelter Foundation and the plight of the homeless (e.g. First Hand About Homelessness programs).
  • Donate money or your 1% of your taxable income to the foundation.

Mrs Reka Primusz   
Phone:  +36 1 266 19 01   
Mobile: +36 20 332 4468   

Donations of money can be sent to us by:

  • postal cheque (we can post these to you on request)
  • paying into any branch of the ING bank
  • transferring money online as a one-off donation or as a regular donation

From within Hungary: ING Bank 1370 0016-0195 0018-0000 0000 (Menhely Alapítvány)

From abroad:
           SWIFT: INGBHUHB

  • Online:
    donations can be made on the page

What is my donation worth? Here are some examples:

  • 500 forints buys a pair of warm socks or two warm hats or a plate of warm food in our shelter or 50 envelopes.
  • 1000 forints buys two warm blankets for a night or food from the Crisis Car or a packet of photocopy paper or three registered letters sent from our office
  • 3000 forints buys a film club membership complete with snacks and drinks at our Kürt street daytime shelter
  • 10,000 forints provides one weeks worth of medicine used by the Crisis Car or on the streets
  • 25,000 forints provides one day of training for five volunteers or pays for the telephone bill at the Práter street daytime shelter
  • 50,000 forints allows the Vajdahunyad Street shelter to provide the elderly residents with a day trip, complete with food and programs or providing for the costs of the Dispatcher Service for one month
  • 100,000 forints provides three months of training and work placement support for one person with the help of a social worker in our “I want to work” employment scheme
  • 650,000 forints allows for the renovation of an apartment and accommodation for an entire family