With the help of the project ’Let's Talk About Homelessness: Learning as a Tool for Social Integration of Homeless People’ (Shortly: "HomelessTalk") we want to contribute to the social inclusion of homeless people and help them find their way out of homelessness, using learning as a tool. Society at large (through awareness-raising), homeless people and care organizations and individuals working with homeless people are the target groups of the project.

Our goals for the two-year project period (September 1, 2019 - February 28, 2022) are:

  • Exchange of good practices on the topics of involving homeless peers and social awareness-raising,
  • Creating a toolkit to organize awareness-raising activities, using experience from the field,
  • Creating an international art collection on the Internet

Collaboration will take place at the following locations and dates in the frame of 5 partner meetings, 4 short professional visits and 5 adult learning visits at the partners:

  • Slovakia - November 2019
  • Spain - February 2021
  • Hungary - April 2021
  • Germany - June/July 2021
  • Hungary - October 2021
  • dissemination period about these experiences on national level - Nov-Dec 2021

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The cooperational project is supported by the strategic cooperation of the European Union Erasmus+ KA202 2019.


Participants in the international cooperation:

 arrels logo Arrels Fundació (Arrels Foundation) is a non-profit private organization for the attention of homeless people in Barcelona founded in 1987. Their users are people who are in a situation of chronic homelessness. Those people that because of their personal situation or social environment do not have enough skills for a real recuperation process. Their mission is: caring for people, raising social awareness, and fighting against the causes of poverty and social exclusion. Above their services they run a regular school program, develop communication campaigns, produce theatre projects and support movie premieres.
bethel selbstvertretung "Selbstvertretung wohnungsloser Menschen" (Self-representation of homeless people) is a project of the Stiftung Bethel (Bethel Foundation). It is a network of more than 70 homeless and formerly homeless people from the German-speaking area and with many connections of other regions of Europe (due to cooperation with the European network HOPE - HOmeless People in Europe). Their networking platform is committed to a better world, to overcome poverty, exclusion, abuse, deprivation of rights and homelessness, and to improve concrete situations in life: “everything changes when we change it!” Their seat is in Freistatt, Lower Saxony. They hold every summer a one-week long meeting in changing location in Germany, and other workshops and activities whole year long.

divadlo bez domova logo vagott

Divadlo bez domova’s (Theatre With No Home) main mission is to work with marginalized communities of citizens in an unconventional creative form using the means of theatre, performing arts, dance or singing. They combine the artistic with the social in order to help tear down stereotypes that marginalized communities face in the society. The organization was founded in 2005 in Bratislava. Its community of actors and actresses is made up of people without homes, physically disabled, people from socially underprivileged communities, social workers, theatre artists and anyone who is interested in their theatre, and they receive financial compensation for performing in our theatre plays. DBD organises the only international homeless theatre festival ‘ERROR’ for more than 13 years.

 MenhelyAlapitvany logo The project is coordinated by the Menhely Alapítvány (Shelter Foundation). Founded in 1989 in Budapest, the Foundation is an independent, secular organization that works to change the situation of homeless persons and families in Budapest, and also a member of the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA). Menhely aims to help homeless persons with a wide range of social services. It also puts a special emphasis on social awareness-raising of mainstream society and also empowering people experiencing homelessness. It publishes the street paper ‘Fedél Nélkül’ (Without Roof) and organizes the social axareness-raising programs, called ‘First-Hand About Homelessness’. These programs include the Irregular Class Discussions for high school students, interactive theatre performances titled WITHOUT TITLE – homeless – adventure – game: interactive theatre play, EKH club and training for homeless experts by experience, City Walks, Living Library and Community Dinners.


Contact:    Nóra Bagdi  project coordinator