Picture it! - Our streets, our stories - photo project for people without homes in V4 countries

About the project

The main objective of the project is to decrease prejudice and intolerance against people experiencing homelessness and housing poverty in the Visegrad countries through awareness raising, in order to enhance social inclusion of homeless people.

Members of the majority of society have their favourite spots in the cities: a favourite bench, the perfect view in the park. But how do people for whom these places are literally their homes see the city?

A main principle of the project is implementation of the activities should involve homeless experts of experience in each country, so that other groups of society can gain direct and authentic experience about homelessness from homeless people themselves. With our project we want to achieve that people who have experienced homelessness show their less seen side, point of view, art to the members of the majority society thus reducing prejudice and helping social inclusion and reintegration. visegrad fund logo supported by blue 800px

Specific goals of our project are the following: photo project, calendar of the four V4 cities containing photos taken by homeless photographers, organising an exhibition free and open to all, meeting with the photographers and partners at the opening ceremony, a photobook containing the photos taken by homeless photographers in five languages and available online, too.


About our partnership

divadlo bez domova logo vagott Divaldo Bez Domova's (DBD) main mission is to work with marginalized communities of citizens in an unconventional creative form using the means of theatre, performing arts, dance or singing. It was founded in 2006 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Divadlo bez domova provides a platform for presenting social topics that are being overlooked in the commercial artistic sphere.
It combines the artistic with the social in order to help tear down stereotypes that marginalized communities face in society. The community of actors and actresses is made up of people without home, physically disabled, people from socially underprivileged communities, social workers, theatre artists and anyone who is interested in our theatre. DBD have great experience in implementing different projects, Menhely and DBD already successfully cooperated in a V4 project:21910117, No-one should sleep on the street. 

 MenhelyAlapitvany logo

The project is coordinated by the Menhely Alapítvány (Shelter Foundation). Founded in 1989 in Budapest, Hungary, the Foundation is an independent, secular organization that works to change the situation of homeless persons and families in Budapest.
Menhely aims to help homeless persons with a wide range of social services. It also puts a special emphasis on social awareness-raising of mainstream society and also empowering people experiencing homelessness. It publishes the street paper ‘Fedél Nélkül’ (Without Roof) and organizes a range of social awareness-raising programs, as ‘First-Hand About Homelessness’ - Irregular Class Discussions for high school students, interactive theatre performances titled WITHOUT TITLE – homeless – adventure – game: interactive theatre play, EKH club and training for homeless experts by experience, Living Library and Community Dinners, just as City Walks.


 logo Nadeje

NADĚJE (since 1990) from its beginning has been helping a wide range of people who find themselves in difficult life situations in Prague. These are above all the homeless and the people who are directly or indirectly endangered by homelessness, but also households in excluded areas. Parts of the help are street work, ambulatory social services, and accommodation services. They are mutually interconnected and are supplemented in response to the clients´ needs. The goal is to help a human to integrate back to the social life. NADĚJE has been involved in the project “NoOneSleeps” in the past. The involved project was the centre for homeless young people called ‘Bolzanova’.


teatrbaza logo

Teatr Bezdomnych is a theatre group which consists of homeless people and volunters and trainers in Warsawa, Poland. The group was established in 2018 and since that time it works with regular workshops in Teatr Baza, which is the host institution of the group. The group has already created three performances. Beside theatre the participants had also workshops from other fields of art: music, dance, visual arts. The trainers (who has artistic and social backround) of the group also leads workshops in shelters to try to involve more and more people to the group activities. The group cooperates with shelters, other institutions for homeless people as well and they would like to establish international contacts also with organizations which works with homeless people.


Our public activity during the project:


Date / Period
  Activity  Organiser
27.10.2023 - 27.11.2023  -  Exhibition
We are organizing an exhibition of selected images so that the majority society can get to know the project and the works of homeless people.
By making the work of homeless people public, bringing the marginalized group close to the majority society.
We do this in order to reduce prejudices against homelessness, thereby increasing the social acceptance and later reintegration of people who have experienced homelessness.
   HU  -  Budapest



Nóra Bagdi * projekt coordinator
+3670 672 7982  *  interantionalmenhelyhu