The Shelter Foundation’s core belief is that every human being has the fundamental right to feel safe legally, physically, and socially in an apartment, in a town, or in a country. The main goal of the foundation is to ensure that no one is deprived of this fundamental right.

The Shelter Foundation was founded in 1989 in Budapest. The foundation was the first independent, secular organisation dedicated to helping homeless people change their lives for the better, to help them in their plight, and to reduce and prevent homelessness. The foundation also strove to make the lives of those living on the streets more bearable and it continues in these aims today.

The Shelter Foundation is an independently run organisation. The foundation is not influenced by any level of government, political parties or businesses. However, the foundation aims to work harmoniously with all other organisations, businesses and individuals who also aim to alleviate the suffering of homeless people.

The Shelter Foundation is a secular organisation. It is not linked directly or indirectly with any religious denomination. However, the foundation is open to all moderate beliefs that allow the outcast, the different, the grieved and the humiliated to find solace.

The Shelter Foundation was the first organisation where professional Care Centres were established to manage and help homeless people. It was the first institution to establish a Day Centre where professional social workers provided assistance as well as organised cultural programs. The Shelter Foundation was the first to create a magazine in conjunction with homeless people, Fedél Nélkül (“Without a Roof”); and was the first organisation to provide a 24 hour dispatcher service, Crisis Car, recovery centre and centrally located luggage storage area. The foundation was also first to provide long term accommodation for elderly homeless people and strives to help those threatened by homelessness.

The Shelter Foundation's activities cover aiding homeless people facing either short or long term homelessness. It also helps people facing homelessness in all forms: those living in institutions , in unsafe rental apartments or in work accomadation.

The success of the foundation relies on the cooperation of businesses, individuals and organisations that also strive to help the homeless. The foundation continues to assume a significant role in coordinating activities with other homeless organisations and other partner organisations.  (These include the regional dispatcher service, Budapest street services, crisis cars, night shelters, etc.)

Apart from providing assistance to the homeless, the Shelter Foundation values the importance of treating the homeless and those threatened by homelessness with dignity, to respect their independence and also to encourage them in their freedom to make their own responsible decisions.

“A home for everyone!”

Dr. Péter Győri

The Shelter Foundation Board Chairman